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What makes us different?

1. We offer customizable download pages with our simple yet effective editor: (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2)


2. We are the only pay per download website offering TWO methods of earning under one establishment: (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2). Here is more information:


Normal method: Visitor lands on download page -> Clicks "Download" -> Visitor is forced to fill in a survey (which can take between 30secs to a couple of minutes) -> Visitor gets access to file.
Typical earnings: on average between $1 - $10 depending on visitors country/quality of information provided. - Pays out more, but more difficult to get downloads.

CURRENTLY DISABLED!: Visit lands on download page -> Visitor is prompted with a couple of offers but doesn't have to actually have to take part in any -> After a couple of seconds the download page is unlocked & visitor can access the file.
Typical earnings: fixed at $0.02 per download providing download is healthy. - Pays out less but VERY easy to get downloads.


Other features:

  • We offer affiliate program! Earn 10% of users earnings. Yes, 10%!
  • Site is ready for international users!
  • Minimum payout is 10$!
  • Payments are executed within 1 day after payout request!
  • We offer 500MB of space for your to upload all your files without fear of running out!
  • We offer in depth statistics & tracking so you can see exactly how much your earning!
  • Help is on hand with our 24/7 support!
  • Payouts are processed quickly & securely via PayPal!
  • Our surveys are super quick & easy which means visitors can glide through them and access the file with ease!





All our payments are processed through PayPal.